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Deaths on Scotland's roads highest since 2016

The number of people who died on Scotland's roads last year was the highest since 2016.

Figures from Transport Scotland revealed 174 people lost their lives in 2022, compared with 141 the previous year.

The number of fatalities in crashes involving cars nearly doubled from 55 in 2021 to 101.

But deaths involving motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists fell, according to provisional figures.

Road crash casualties fell dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, as travel restrictions led to lower traffic volumes.

Since then the figures have been rising, although they remain relatively low compared with historical averages.

The figure for casualties - which includes injuries as well as deaths - rose last year, from 5,111 in 2021 to 5,587.

But that figure was still the third lowest since records began, reflecting the long term improvement in road safety.

Transport Minister Kevin Stewart described the overall increase in road deaths as "deeply concerning".

He said: "Behind every number we see in the statistics today is a loved one who is now tragically no longer with us or a life changed forever."

He said the Scottish government had included more than £31m for road safety in this year's budget, including money ring-fenced to expand 20mph areas in communities across Scotland.

Despite the overall rise in road deaths, the number of cyclist fatalities appears to have decreased.

Transport Scotland said its provisional figures indicate that two cycle users died in 2022, compared to 10 the previous year.

There were also falls in reported deaths and injuries of 20% for both HGV and minibus users.

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