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CRH Ventures launches Roads of the Future Accelerator

Venture capital and innovation fund company CRH Ventures has launched its latest accelerator programme – Roads of the Future.

The programme targets promising start-ups in the Construction Technology (ConTech) and ClimateTech space, focusing on groundbreaking innovation for advancing the future of roads.

CRH Ventures says the Roads of the Future accelerator will identify companies that can demonstrate solutions to specific challenges within three distinctive segments of the roads ecosystem; Smart and Safe Roads, Green and Resilient Roads, and Productivity in Road Construction. CRH works in sustainable road construction across North America and Europe and says the programme offers an exceptional opportunity for start-ups to pilot and scale their solutions in collaboration with CRH operating companies.

Eduardo Gomez, Head of CRH Ventures, said: “Roads form the arteries of our society, and the Roads of the Future accelerator is our commitment to driving further innovation across this vital area of infrastructure. We invite start-ups to join us in helping shape the roads of the future, leveraging CRH’s unmatched expertise and scale in road construction.”

To participate in the programme, applications must be submitted through the CRH Ventures website by 28 March. Evaluations will then take place throughout April and May, with the pilot phase running from June to December 2024.

The company explains that, in addition to CRH operating companies playing a prominent role in the piloting and decision-making process, selected value chain partners will also be “pivotal in engaging with start-ups and developing solutions across the ecosystem”.

This accelerator marks the second to be launched by CRH Ventures in nine months. It follows the successful water solutions accelerator programme launched in May 2023, reinforcing CRH Ventures’ commitment to drive forward innovation in sustainable construction.

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