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Collaboration takes centre stage at WJ’s 2023 Company Days

Collaboration, wellbeing, and employee engagement feature heavily at WJ Group’s company days as the company announces its key priorities for 2023 for its employees.

Hosting six separate all-day sessions across the UK, WJ’s employees turned out to discover the Group's plans for the year ahead and enjoy events filled with team building activities led by their group wide training partner. The activities were focused on how employees can continue to collaborate as the business grows, develop new ideas, and improve working practices to achieve their vision to create safe, sustainable journeys for everyone.

In 2022, WJ acquired a number of key businesses, including Jeff Williams Mobile Pressure Washing Nolan Roadmarking, allowing the company to expand into the Welsh market. WJ’s leadership team celebrated these and many other major successes from the previous year as well outlining plans for future growth.

The leading road marking and highway safety specialist also used the events to launch fresh employee wellbeing initiatives, which were warmly received by colleagues. Also introduced were the latest company-wide safety measures, including new gloves which will allow operatives greater flexibility when working on site, without losing critical safety features.

Martin Webb, Chief Operations Officer at WJ Group said, “It’s important for the whole business to be kept informed of key developments and updates which is why we hold the company days. This year, we introduced department stands, and had members of our Health & Safety, People, Products and Thinking Community teams at each event. By doing so, colleagues who don’t work together from day to day were able to collaborate, learn new things, share ideas and discuss any feedback they had. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from colleagues as we look forward to another successful year.”

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