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Collaboration is key to success for Costain

Costain, the infrastructure solutions company, has won multiple plaudits at the 2023 Collaborative Working Awards, including around social impact, innovation and national security collaboration.

The Collaborative Working Awards recognise organisations who build and develop more effective business relationships based on collaborative working best practice. They celebrate that collaboration has a variety of benefits, including better economic and commercial outcomes.

Costain’s work to support the community around Sellafield in West Cumbria was recognised with the Social Impact Award. As part of the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership, Costain has supported and implemented a number of projects, including the refurbishment of Frizington Community Centre, which had fallen into disrepair and was at risk of closure. Costain developed a refurbishment plan and the new Youth and Community Centre opened in July.

Costain also won the award for innovation in collaboration, which recognised the work with National Highways to develop an automated behavioural analysis tool which helps identify behavioural improvement opportunities and drive improved performance outcomes.

Finally, Costain is part of the Team at HM Naval Base, Devonport, who won the Collaboration for National Security Award. Costain is managing a major development at the Devonport site to ensure the UK has the infrastructure needed to sustain its submarines for decades to come. This construction programme is one of the largest of its kind and its success is dependent on effective collaboration with the huge number of stakeholders involved.

Costain has been working as part of the Devonport team for 3 years, where they have been advising on, and delivering works for, the upgrade of the Number 10 Dock and wider supporting facilities, ultimately to support the work of the Royal Navy. Costain works at Devonport in collaboration with Babcock International Group, SDA and Naval Base Command.

Costain’s defence sector director, Bob Anstey, said: “Collaboration is at the heart of everything Costain does, and our teams know how important it is to have strong collaborative links between partners to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. Our teams have demonstrated what can be achieved by working in this way, and I am very proud that this has been recognised through these awards.” 

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