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Clearview Intelligence secures place on 6 TTAS Lots

Technology solutions provider, Clearview Intelligence, has won a place on six Lots as part of the Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) framework, scoring ‘extremely highly’ across all question responses submitted as part of its bid.

These Lots cover: Transport and Professional Services, Transport and Pedestrian Control, Transport Signage and Lighting, Transport Data Services, Sustainable Transport Technologies and Catalogue.

Managed by Crown Commercial Services, TTAS is the next iteration of the successful Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) framework and is due to go live in November 2021 and run for four years. Crown Commercial Services says the framework supports ‘future competition and direct award,’ as well as continuing to cover the traffic and transport service and strategy sectors.

Commenting on the awarding of a place on six of the Lots, Nick Lanigan, Managing Director of Clearview Intelligence said: “This is a great framework to be involved with and is one that continues to provide a platform to deliver more innovation solutions to help solve the challenges facing our traffic technology and transport sectors. To score so highly and be awarded a place on six lots is fantastic news and testament to the team we have in place across the business, not only to put together these bids with the customer in mind, but to deliver outstanding solutions for the industry.”

To be considered for lots 1-5 in the framework, companies had to prove they were capable of consulting, support and project management in all aspects of transportation. They were also asked to be capable of providing physical goods, service maintenance of all related items within these markets.

TTAS at a glance: the Lots Clearview Intelligence has secured a place on and what they are for:

Transport and Professional Services: Customers needing professional services,

consultancy or project management for transport related good/service’s solutions

Transport and Pedestrian Control: To provide a customer with physical goods, services or systems to support transport and pedestrian controls

Transport Signage and Lighting: To aid customers in the procurement of message signs and exterior lighting to support transport and pedestrian for road, rail or marine

Transport Data Services: To provide customers with SMART technologies, data management and backup systems

Sustainable Transport Technologies: To facilitate procurement of sustainable transport infrastructure goods or services

Catalogue: The Catalogue is for ordering low value procurements using the Direct Award. The customer would use this lot if they were in need of a specific good/service they would procure via this lot

You can find out more about the TTAS Agreement here.

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