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A collaboration between Chevron Traffic Management and Highway Resource Solutions (HRS), which created the first ever digital diversion route and eliminated the need for site maintenance checks, has landed a prestigious Highways England Environmental Initiative of the Year Award.

By installing HRS’s revolutionary Intelliframe® on the M11 Moor Hall Diversion route, Chevron TM reduced site maintenance which minimised the environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions and secured the Highways England ACE Environmental Award.

“We are absolutely delighted to win the ACE Environmental Award with HRS,” comments Craig Wood, Chevron TM, East Region CWF Framework Manager. “The Intelliframe® is a fantastic product which delivered numerous benefits on the M11 Moor Hall project, not least the environmental impact.

The digital technology built into the Intelliframe® provided remote visibility of the diversion route and sent real-time alerts if signs had been moved or fallen. This enabled us to immediately deploy operatives to take specific corrective action and reinstate the signs. The Intelliframe® not only removed the need for unnecessary “drive-by” checks, the 24/7 monitoring ensured the integrity and safety of the diversion route at all times.”

Intelliframe® is an innovative sign frame which uses the latest HRS technology to enable live monitoring of diversion routes. It was developed by Leicestershire-based, HRS who specialise in developing digital services and assets to improve work zone safety across the highways, local authorities, rail, utilities and event sectors.

Matt Hunt, National Business Development Manager for HRS celebrated the win with Chevron TM. “This award is a validation of the impact our Intelliframe® product makes to traffic management provision and is an indication of Chevron TM’s innovative approach to traffic management.

Together, we used Intelliframe® to create the world’s first ever digital diversion route and show what is possible with digital technology. As well as minimising the environmental impact, the Intelliframe® protected the integrity of the diversion route and avoided potential fines as a result of forgotten signs at the end of the works.

This is only the beginning of the Intelliframe® journey. I have no doubt that this product will be a game-changer within the traffic management industry. I look forward to future collaborations between HRS and Chevron TM to integrate more of our digital technology into their traffic management services.”

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