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CE-mark deadline extended to June 2024 for construction products

Less than a month after the government announced a two year extension to the end of CE-mark recognition, its has now clarified that construction products have until 30th June 2024 for the switchover.

No public statement has been issued on the further six months of grace for construction products, but it was picked up by the Construction Leadership Council (which had been pushing for delays) and disseminated through its channels.

DLUHC told us that the extra six months are for construction products only and not for construction machinery, which comes under different regulations.

Peter Caplehorne, chief executive of the Construction Products Association (CPA), which represents manufacturers, said: “The CPA welcomes the statement from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities announcing the government will extend recognition of CE Marking for construction products until 30th June 2025. The announcement does not delay the implementation of the UKCA Mark for construction products placed on the GB market but prolongs the period of recognition of the CE Mark. Use of the UKCA Mark has been permitted for some time now and it will continue to be available for use by the UK industry.

“We have been working for some time to bring about certainty for the marketplace and clarity involving the many interrelated issues that surround the shift to UKCA marking. We are pleased to have avoided the potentially catastrophic situation that was unfolding. Still, while this avoids a potential cliff edge there are many business-critical problems that need to be resolved.

“We are keen to continue engaging closely with government and industry to resolve these as quickly as possible, particularly the practical and commercial factors that are needed to ensure smooth market conditions. Until then, manufacturers can now get back to supporting the UK construction industry and the urgent need to grow the economy.”

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