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Causeway (formerly Yotta) gains National Highways “approved supplier” status

Construction technology provider Causeway Technologies has been selected by National Highways as part of its new £1bn Information Technology Commercial Framework (ITCF).

This follows a detailed selection process in which Causeway (previously Yotta) applied for inclusion in five of the 18 “LOTs” that comprise the framework, which is National Highways’ principal route to market for its corporate IT requirements

. Selection for the framework makes it much easier for Causeway to tender for National Highways’ IT projects moving forward.

The four-year framework covers the services, tools and equipment needed to operate effectively, and to maintain and develop the 4,300 miles of major A-roads and motorways in England for which National Highways is responsible. The ITCF includes 18 LOTs across four categories of Solutions & Services;

Specialist Technical Services; Professional Services, and IT Products and Infrastructure.

This success for Causeway comes after its inclusion in a similar National Highways process earlier this year for the four-year Operational Technology Commercial Framework (OTCF) concerning roadside devices and systems. Causeway was approved as a prospective support for operational systems including specialist products, support services and solutions.

Simon Phillips, Director of Major Accounts at Causeway, said: “We’re extremely pleased to be selected for the framework, which recognises our ability to provide highly effective, end-to-end solutions that simplify and improve asset management. We are certainly looking forward to working closely with National Highways in as many ways as possible.”

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