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Case study: From the youngest apprentice to global specialist in less than three years

In April 2018, Nicole Huckerby joined National Highways as an apprentice, the youngest at the time the company had taken on. Fast forward three years later and Nicole is now one of only 9,000 people from around the world to have gained an international benchmark in “business continuity”.

Nicole joined National Highways as a business continuity apprentice. Business continuity is about planning to deal with difficult situations, so that operations can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. Having completed the apprenticeship in July 2019 she successfully gained a position as the business continuity co-ordinator in Nottingham.

After a few years of developing and gaining knowledge, she passed her business continuity exams (CBCI) in January 2021, joining a small band of just over 9,000 practitioners across the world.

Nicole said:

“Working for National Highways has given me vital experience in so many ways, and now I have solid foundations for a career that I would never have known was possible had I not applied for my apprenticeship! I had a lot of support from people in the office and my line manager was always there to offer a helping hand if I needed it, which I did, quite a few times! Working at National Highways you feel a part of something bigger, and getting to be a part of keeping the network running smoothly is something I’m proud of.”

National Highways Operational Assurance and Capability Team Leader Ray George said:

“It’s fantastic to see such talent join through our apprenticeship scheme and develop into a true professional that Nicole has become. I would encourage anyone who is interested to sign up to an apprenticeship scheme. And if you know someone that would be suitable, get them to sign up. It’s a great way to start or re-start your career.”

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