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Cannington Conservation Collaboration

Cannington Primary School is a small village school near Bridgwater, Somerset. Within the school grounds is an area of land that was formerly a wildlife conservation area that has been left unmaintained for over 10 years becoming an unusable and overgrown plot.

Engineering Manager, Steve Bull, who is also a governor of the school saw an opportunity for the company to put its skills, capabilities, and community impact days to good use by helping to refurbish the conservation area with help from our supply chain partners.

To begin with, we had to clear the site which took three colleagues three days. Cutting back the dense vegetation and discovering a sizable pond hidden in the undergrowth, that was surrounded by a living wall.

A new pond and living wall have been installed thanks to materials donated by Scott Parnell and Gravitas Recruitment Group.

Speedy Services provided a range of plant and small tools together with community volunteers from senior management, joined by additional volunteers from Vital and GoGreen.

Eco Efficiency and GoGreen provided waste disposal sourced from local companies.

Travis Perkins provided new decking to replace the rotten boardwalk and the bridge over the pond together with topsoil, paving slabs, and aggregate.

Ryder Services donated various sections of timber for fencing, path edging, and raised planters.

Sunbelt Rentals provided a pair of motion-sensing cameras to capture activity within the newly restored conservation area and In-signsdonated information signage so the pupils can learn about the insects living in their habitat.

2024 will mark Cannington Primary School’s centenary and the newly refurbished conservation area provides an added education facility and nature haven that will leave a valuable and meaningful impact on the school for years to come.

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