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Calls for transport revamp in area with slowest roads

A local body has called for help in revamping transport systems in an area with three of Hereford and Worcester's slowest roads.

The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) invited government officials on a three-day tour through Herefordshire and Shropshire.

The event focused on road, rail, freight, public transport and cycling and walking in the area.

A report about improvement projects will be published this summer.

Marches LEP chief executive Rachel Laver said: "It is vital that our entire transport infrastructure works for the whole of the Marches region and beyond, enabling businesses and our communities to grow and to thrive.

'Transport issues'

"The three-day event was a chance to demonstrate some of the most significant transport issues facing our region - for example, a recent report which details the 10 slowest roads in the country found three were in the Marches - and to press the case for the investment we need."

The Marches consist of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

Transport consultants Aecom have been called in by the Marches LEP to help develop a list of projects for investment across the Marches to create an integrated and sustainable transport structure.

The report is set to include new digital plans to help tackle rural deprivation and access to employment, services and education.

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