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Busy Cambridge road where 'pavements used as car parks' sees just 301 tickets issued last year

Mill Road 4 People is campaigning for action to tackle anti-social parking on Mill Road

Fewer than one parking ticket was issued per day in 2023 on one of Cambridge's busiest roads, a freedom of information request has revealed. Campaign group Mill Road 4 People (MR4P) asked Cambridgeshire County Council how many parking tickets were issued on Mill Road last year.

MR4P chair Paul Lythgoe said pavements on Mill Road are "being used as car parks". The number of parking tickets issued on Mill Road in 2023 was 301 – fewer than one per day.

The FOI request also found that the county council employed an average of 17 enforcement officers across Cambridgeshire in 2023. The county council paid OCS Group UK Ltd, which employs the enforcement officers, £545,649 in 2023, while income from fines in the same year was more than £2.4million.

Mr Lythgoe said: "We can see from these figures that far from being a financial drain, parking enforcement brings significant revenue to the council. Local people are fed up with our pavements being used as car parks, and we all frequently witness the dangerous results such as people in wheelchairs or with buggies being forced into the road."

MR4P launched a campaign to tackle anti-social parking on Mill Road in November. The group has called for bike racks to be installed on the edges of pavements which are wide enough to deter pavement parking.

Mr Lythgoe said: "As well as providing much needed extra bike parking, this would be a simple and inexpensive way of stopping vehicles from mounting pavements. I'd call that a win-win solution."

The group has also called for more short-term parking on side streets and better enforcement of 30-minute parking on Mill Road Broadway near the bus stop. It has suggested that on-street loading bays should be installed when the modal filter on Mill Road Bridge progresses.

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