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Bury road junction called confusing and dangerous

Residents in a Greater Manchester town have described a new road junction as "confusing" and "dangerous".

The new junction in Bury features multiple give way markings for cyclists at the junction where the A56 meets the A58 and has been described by social media users as "a waste of money".

A photograph posted on a local Facebook group received over 300 comments.

A spokesman for Bury Council said the £1m scheme is designed encourage people to travel "on foot or bike".

The photograph of the junction, near to Bury Town Hall, was posted on the Spotted:Radcliffe Facebook page with the caption: "New road layout near the town hall.

"This is how funding is being used by Bury Council. I'm confused."

It has prompted almost 200 likes and hundreds of responses.

One Facebook user said the money "would have been better spent on properly resurfacing the roads in Bury, making them safer for ALL road users".

Another said the council had not considered how visually impaired people "might have difficulty navigating a mini labyrinth", adding it was "one more unsafe crossing point to add to the list".

One cyclist said he "wouldn't know how to navigate this" while another added: "As long as it keeps the numerous amount of kids riding about on bikes safe I could not care how much it cost."

Another said: "Good to see the council making the roads safer for cyclists. Well done."

A spokesman for Bury Council said the new cyclops junction at Angouleme Way is part of the region wide Bee Network funded by Transport for Greater Manchester to "improve all forms of journey by making it easier, safer, and more attractive for people to travel on foot or bike for everyday trips".

"This particular junction is crossed by hundreds of students every day on their way to St Gabriel's, Bury Church and Bury Grammar schools," he said.

"The revised layout will make it easier and safer for them to walk or cycle from one side to the other."

He said the scheme is currently in its final phases and temporary signs, cones and barriers will be removed and replaced with new signalling equipment on completion this month.

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