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Building Confidence in a Sustainable Construction Industry - White Paper by Aggregate Industries

Nine in ten (91%) people believe the construction sector is not delivering long-term sustainable solutions and half (51%) do not trust the industry when it says it is committed to carbon reduction. Aggregate Industries hopes to start changing perceptions with the launch of a new white paper, Building Confidence in a Sustainable Construction Industry. Prepared by sustainability experts at Aggregate Industries to align with the company’s own sustainability strategy and targets, the document sets out consumer attitudes towards green issues, before exploring research which looks at confidence in the construction sector.

It sets a benchmark for perceived progress in the industry, noting that just 9% of people believe the sector is delivering long-term sustainable solutions. Crucially, it also highlights some of the initiatives that can help deliver that progress, including increased use of recycled materials, and showcases some recent Aggregate Industries projects with a strong focus on sustainability. Writing in the white paper, Aggregate Industries says: “Our research discloses that more than half of consumers (51%) do not trust the construction industry when it says it is committed to carbon reduction; a worrying statistic considering the impact the industry has on our economy and the huge responsibility the sector has in meeting the Government’s net zero ambitions by 2050. “Whether a perception or reality, this is a clear indication that the construction industry must do more to promote its sustainable actions. If the industry is to change consumer perception, more must be done. “The construction industry plays a key role in setting the sustainability agenda for society, including the approach to circularity and recycling. Despite the encouraging and positive progress, there is still a long way to go to influence public trust within the sector.”

The white paper complements Aggregate Industries’ own sustainability strategy, Building Progress for a Sustainable Future, which sets out the business’ vision to become the UK leader of innovative and sustainable building solutions and its ambition to embed sustainability in the future of construction.

White Paper - Building Confidence in a Sustainable Construction Industry
Download PDF • 1.74MB

Building Confidence in a Sustainable Construction Industry is available for free to download. Visit

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