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BT-HS | NEW HQ opens up new possibilities

Two years after the business was established, the time has come for BT-HS to make a change.

Leaving their current Chorley HQ, BT-HS has now moved to their new base at Unit B, Ackhurst Road, Common Bank Industrial Estate also in Chorley. Whilst on the map this is a relatively short move, the new location opens plenty of new possibilities.

We spoke to Managing Director Phil Glaiser and started with what seems a rather obvious question: ‘Why the move?’

“Simply put, we grew out of our previous site.” Phil told us.

“As with all other businesses we are constantly reviewing our operation and one of the leading concerns was space. With predicted continued growth and expansion in our sales and our hire provisions we simply needed to make the move. The move ensures that we can provide a better service to our customers by increasing our capacity, increasing our product range and increasing our service provision therefore, improving our standing in the Highways Sector.”

Additional Capability

The BT-HS relocation project has added an additional 2,500 sq. ft to their workshop and repair capacity, providing the platform for a significant increase in both customer vehicle repair capability, as well as BT-HS’ own build program.

That’s not all. The increase in space means there are additional services that BT-HS can now boost their profile and involvement in. Phil continued:

“We have had a number of customers who have approached us asking if we could convert their own vehicles into Traffic Management and or Civil Specifications. These enquiries come after they have seen one of our vehicles on the road or at a trade event.

“While we have not turned this work away we have found that our capacity was becoming restricted in our previous location. We have also started to expand our vehicle provision into other highway divisions like emergency vehicles, Ambulances, Fire and Police and these projects will be revealed in due time.

“With the move into the new premises we have the capacity now to regularly undertake these types of projects, and still keep our strong emphasis on Safety and Quality. It will also allow us to provide a better viewing process for our customers. Where they can come and view their investment being worked on”

When the numbers are all crunched, BT-HS has doubled their workshop capability and increased their administration capacity by 50%.

Additional Benefits

Earlier in 2020, before the full effects of the pandemic had been felt, BT-HS had been advertising for the role of Rental Manager.

Covid-19 brought a temporary halt to proceedings, however, with a sense of normality beginning to resume, the company will be revisiting their plans.

BT-HS believes the move will lay the foundation for a boost to job creation in the local area, and further afield with service provisions increasing nationwide.

The new BT-HS Full address is below:

BT-HS Unit B Ackhurst Road Common Bank Industrial Estate Chorley PR71NH

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