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BSI strikes digital deal

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has signed a deal with a Norwegian software company to digitise the BSI’s library of British standards.

According to BSI, construction contractors will be able to use the standardised data templates in projects to improve business processes, such as cost calculations, design, purchasing, carbon footprint calculations and more.

“Standards are the framework of the built environment; supporting the building regulations as well as providing good practice relating to topics such as fire safety, use of energy, and sustainability. In doing so standards are helping to bring together and support stakeholders across the built environment, accelerating innovation and progress,” said Dan Rossiter, BSI’s interim head of built environment. “For the sector to deliver on the challenges ahead, it is vital that the good practice within standards is used as the starting point. Making this information available in a machine-interpretable form will provide built environment stakeholders with a common language to face these challenges together.”

Cobuilder chief executive Lars Christian Fredenlund added: “The global built environment sector faces great challenges when implementing digital strategies and by providing a cloud-based solution that can deliver standardised data templates through exports and integrations, we see a great opportunity to support the sector in its efforts to build faster, greener and with less waste.”

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