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Britain's most dangerous roads with highest risk of accidents revealed - see full list

Official figures from the ONS have been analysed by taxi insurance firm Zego - taken from fatal and non-fatal accidents across the UK - to determine the most dangerous areas for drivers

Official data has revealed the towns, cities and counties with the highest number of road accidents in the UK.

The stats from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), analysed by taxi insurance experts Zego and shared in their entirety with the Mirror, are taken from the whole of 2021.

Not surprisingly, London has topped the list with 23,139 fatal and non-fatal traffic accidents.

However the number, when calculated per 10,000 people, brought up some surprises.

The English capital city (25.7) comes in ninth while Knowsley (119.9) is top - and the city with the highest ranking is Doncaster (36.23) - which sits fourth overall.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of Caerphilly (41.06), Wokingham (39.79), Bradford (36.11), Rotherham (34.19), Falkirk (30.4), Bury (29.09) and Stockton-on-Tees (24.3).

The cities considered 'safest' to drive include Aberdeen (2.78), Swansea (6.60), Stoke-on-Trent (7.85), Dundee (7.97), Cardiff (8.16), Bath (9.20), Glasgow (9.22), Edinburgh (9.73), Newport (11.09) and Milton Keynes (11.38).

Referring to the cities with the least accidents, a spokesperson from Zego said: “Although the factors that contribute to the safety of driving in these cities isn’t clear, it’s particularly interesting that four cities in Scotland make the list as well as three cities in Wales, suggesting that these countries are the least dangerous in the UK when it comes to road safety.

“However, while the risk of accidents in these cities is low, there’s still a small chance of a collision.

"To keep yourself safe, it’s important to stay alert while driving so that you can identify any potential hazards to protect both you and other road users as well as watching out for any warning lights on your dashboard in order to remain in control of your vehicle.”

Full list of UK towns, cities and counties with highest road accidents per 10,000 people

(The list shows the total number accidents, followed by the per 10,000 average)

Knowsley 136 119.9

Caerphilly 170 41.06

Wokingham 186 39.79

Doncaster 573 36.23

Bradford 1059 36.11

Rotherham 375 34.19

Falkirk 109 30.4

Bury 229 29.09

London 23139 25.7

Stockton-on-Tees 201 24.3

Wrexham 149 24.19

Wigan 255 23.67

Surrey 2480 22.85

Blackpool 330 22.76

Powys 299 22.64

Brighton 620 22.44

Hull 584 21.92

Blackburn with Darwen 317 21.31

Portsmouth 428 20.87

Ceredigion 152 20.82

Derby 511 20.55

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