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Bristol unveils plans for overground mass transit system

Roads would be closed to general traffic, made one-way or have 'shuttle' traffic lights across Bristol IF the 'underground' stays above ground

Key roads into Bristol city centre could be closed completely, made into one-way systems or have permanent traffic light systems if plans for an overground-only Mass Rapid Transit system get the go-ahead.

Political leaders across the West of England will make a key decision on Friday about whether to continue with plans for a Mass Rapid Transit system for the region - and also how it might be achieved, with much of the debate centred around the pros and cons of how trams, light rail or trains are taken through - or under - the more densely packed areas of Bristol’s inner city.

Creating a mass transit system that goes underground for the last couple of miles into Bristol city centre would be more expensive, according to reports to be considered by the regional leaders this week, but the cheaper ‘above ground’ option would mean huge permanent disruption, road closures, re-routes and one-way systems for general traffic on existing roads.

Last week, Bristol Live revealed the assessments of those impacts on existing roads made by Bristol City Council ’s transport chiefs.

A list of roads was produced, and the Mayor of Bristol - who has long been a proponent of having some of the mass rapid transit system taken underground - tweeted a crude map showing red lines where the impact would be on streets and communities across Bristol.

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