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Brigade Electronics CarEYE brings AI Safety features to commercial vehicles

Brigade Electronics, a leading provider of vehicles safety systems, has launched a new artificial intelligent vehicle safety system to the UK market.

CarEYE® Safety Angle Turning Assistant from EYYES GmbH has been offered by Brigade GmbH in Germany for more than a year and was trialed by its long-standing partner, Geier & Söhne Transportgesellschaft mbH in the country.

Geier & Söhne Transportgesellschaft mbH fitted the device, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect pedestrians, cyclists and objects, to one of its Mercedes Actros vehicles.

The system’s AI is set up to accurately evaluate the images from cameras fitted to the vehicle and is able to calculate the future course of motion of nearby people or objects. Based on this data, the system reliably and accurately warns the driver in real time of a possible collision before it occurs.

Warnings are issued either actively with an audible and visual red alert if a person or object is at risk of being hit, or passively with a visual yellow alert if, for example, a person or object is moving away from the danger zone – dramatically reducing false alerts.

CarEYE® has also been rated as a clear winner in the ADAC performance tests demonstrating its optimum performance and outranking other similar vehicle safety devices on the market. ADAC cited CarEYE®’s reliability for reducing false alerts significantly, the visual feedback for drivers being clear and easy to understand, and its quick reaction times for detecting people and objects for its top place position.

Emily Hardy, Marketing Manager of Brigade Electronics UK, said:

“The accuracy of CarEYE®’s AI makes false alerts extremely rare and provides the driver with absolute peace of mind that they can manoeuvre their vehicle with the utmost safety. The system is able to differentiate between cars, trucks, people, bicycles and static objects, such as trees or bollards. Movement and the expected direction is then calculated, making the system extremely reliable.”

Features and benefits of CarEYE Safety Angle Turning Assistant:

  • Suitable for commercial vehicles, including buses, and special and emergency vehicles

  • Available for retrofitting to existing vehicles

  • Minimises false positive warnings through the use of artificial intelligence

  • Extended surveillance area of blind spots of up to a length of 10m and width of 4m

  • Detects bicycles in the second row behind parked cars as specified by UN ECE R151

  • Red and yellow alert strategy as specified by UNECE R151 (Blind Spot Information System)

  • Fully operational in low level light (2 to 20 lux ambient lighting) and difficult weather conditions

  • The system is activated when vehicles are travelling straight ahead, when initiating a right turn signal, when cornering or activating the right turn signal or when a vehicle is turning, but its signals are not activated

  • The system is available for right hand and left-hand drive

  • Objects in the danger zone are classified according to type

  • Self-diagnostic function – the device reports whether it is in operation or not

  • Software can be updated as required

  • Developed sustainably in Austria and Germany and has all the quality certifications required as well as an ADAC rating

Emily added: “There were 141 cyclists killed and 4,215 seriously injured due to road traffic collisions in 2020. One in three of these accidents could have been prevented with a sideguard assistant, such as CarEYE®.

This makes such technology crucial in enhancing safety for every road user and helping to save lives.”

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