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Boundary Marketing & PR launches PR and communications service for local authorities

Boundary Marketing & PR, the only marketing company dedicated to the highways and transport industry, is to launch a new PR and communications service for local authorities.

The service has been designed to help local authorities to engage more effectively with the public to explain why highway and transport works are important and how they are helping to protect and preserve local roads for the future, making them safer and more sustainable.

The new development comes to help support highway authorities improve public satisfaction ratings relating to highways at a time when central communications departments have a number of different priorities to detail to the public every day, ensuring all council departments are able to disseminate important information to their residents.

“The inspiration for this idea came as one local authority approached us to help improve the public perception of highways works after they received a low NHT survey rating and are about to begin a programme of surface treatments which will help protect and preserve their local roads, keeping them in better condition for longer,” said Helen Blood, Director and co-owner of Boundary Marketing and PR. “We are incredibly passionate about the highways and transport industry and helping it engage more effectively, and a huge part of that is explaining what we do as an industry and why,” she adds.

The company is ideally placed to offer this service, having worked with some of the industry leading contractors as well as many key suppliers, SME’s and industry association’s such as the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA).

Adrian Tatum, Director and Co-owner of Boundary added: “This cost-effective service means that we can help local authorities and/or their private sector contractors and consultants to connect with the public in a way that better promotes what we do and explain why that is important to the public and why it is good value for money to look after the country’s biggest asset-the local road network.”

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