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Bollards removed as low traffic neighbourhood ends

Bollards and planters put in place to stop drivers using through roads have been removed.

The Exeter Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme was scrapped last month due to public opposition.

People who led opposition to the scheme welcomed the removal of the bollards as a "victory".

Supporters of the LTN said they were concerned about road safety and the roads would be used as "rat runs" again.

The trial scheme was launched in August 2023 and was due to run for 18 months.

It was initially put in place by Devon County Council's Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committe (HATOC), made up of county and city councillors.

Ian Frankum, who protested against the LTN, said: "This needs to be the start of the healing process for the residents of Heavitree and Whipton with all sides coming together to shape the look of any planned future changes.

"Everyone, including county and city councillors and officials need to be brave enough to review the past year and take onboard the learning points and see what could have been done better prior to the introduction of this scheme."

Dr Ben Greenwood, who was in favour of the scheme, said it had helped to make roads safer in a residential area.

He said: "We have to put up with increased danger from traffic with the scheme's removal.

"This will drive more people to drive to stay safe and continue to worsen the traffic problem."

The planters at the top of Ladysmith Road and the bollard on St Mark's Avenue will remain in place until the end of the school term.

Devon County Council said it would be working with people across the community "to identify ways of encouraging increased walking, cycling and wheeling".

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Kate Carpenter
Kate Carpenter
Jul 02

could also factually frame this as "residents misinformed about benefits of, and public support for LTNs campaign to have their home environment returned into a high-traffic-neighbourhood with higher pollution, noise, vibration, car dominance and road risk"


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