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Blackpool Council Innovate Using Connected Vehicle Data

‘The connected vehicle insights have already proven beneficial, providing an additional source of intelligence to indicate where problem areas may be developing that we weren’t previously aware of’

So says Neil McArdle, Senior Highways Asset Management Officer at Blackpool Council, discussing the results of their latest strand of innovative work undertaken by Blackpool in improving their highways safety provision.

Blackpool Council have long been an innovator in terms of their approach to highways maintenance and road safety and have turned their attention to integrating the latest connected vehicle insights in to their road safety activities.

Recognising that the connected vehicle data twinned with high-definition imagery can give them an edge in making their roads safer in the context of limited resources, Blackpool (like many other local authorities and road safety partnerships) have integrated data from the joint partnership offering between Gaist and AISIN to great effect.

We are pleased to announce that you can read more about how Neil and the team at Blackpool are using the connected vehicle insights to great effect here.

Think the data could be useful for your road safety provision or highways maintenance activity? Feel free to contact for a demonstration at your convenience!

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