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Big conversation about mental health webinar now available

Last week Safer Highways hosted our latest Big Conversation around mental health event - which is now available to watch back online

The event included a number of stellar speakers including:

- Alastair Campbell

- Dame Carol Black

- Simon Blake OBE (CEO of Mental Health First Aid England)

- Bill Hill (CEO of the Lighthouse Charity)

- Paul Henry (Global Vice President of HSE for Jacobs)

Watched by over 500 industry professionals, the event not only revealed the results of the 2020 'Road to Wellbeing' survey into provision of support around mental health but also debuted two other initiatives around suicide prevention and caring for those we come into daily contact with and also a groundbreaking tool designed to enable those we put to work on the highway to better take care of their own mental health.

Entitled "one million lives" and designed by Jacobs and principally Paul Henry and supported by Safer Highways and other leading organisations, the app and indeed toolkit behind it gives every individual the opportunity to effectively benchmark where they sit on the mental health equilibrium.

Speaking about the webinar, Kevin Robinson, CEO, Safer Highways said,

"In two hours I feel we traveled a thousand miles when it comes to raising awareness around mental health.

"We revealed our employer survey results which, for a second year showed significant improvement.

"Most importantly this year we also saw a sharp increase in the number of SME organisations taking part - which shows that our work is slowly starting to cascade down our supply chains."

Click here to read the 2020 Thriving at Work Survey Report

Speaking about the One Million Lives Initiative Mr Robinson also added

"The work that has been done by both Paul and indeed Peta on One Million Lives should not be underestimated - our people are our strength.

"For an SME the ability to give our people access to a self help tool free of charge is something we should not devolve.

"2020 has been a challenging year for all of us mentally - we have lost friends and family to this awful disease, we have worried how we are going to pay the mortgage if we don't have a job due to the economic downturn and most importantly we have all suffered mentally having to readjust how we work on a daily basis.

"Lets all utilise every tool we have to ensure we go into 2021 with a fighting chance and a positive mindset."

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