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Beyond sustainability : Mott MacDonald

Perhaps you live here: An urban environment blended with nature that improves the wellbeing of citizens by reconnecting them with the natural environment and supporting biodiversity.

A place with good air quality and beautiful green, semi-wild spaces that are safe, inclusive and accessible to all – improving people’s physical fitness and mental health. Nature-based solutions combined with conventionally engineered ones deliver greater resilience to the physical impacts of climate change, keeping communities safer. Buildings are a model of eco-friendly design, using zero-emissions materials, generating electricity and harvesting rainwater.

Outside, biodiversity is thriving, and techniques for managing water are integrated with urban gardens, even in densely populated areas to reduce the risks of both flooding and drought. The reintroduction of nature to the urban landscape has grown rapidly from experimentation by a few daring developers into a mass movement as the social and economic benefits, as well as the environmental ones became clear.

This is our vision for 2035, where regenerative design and rewilding are transforming our towns and cities.

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