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Bam UK results show solid rebound

Bam Nuttall, the civil engineering business, saw turnover rise 27% from £844m in 2020 to £1,073m in 2021 and pre-tax profit rise from £12m to £26.2m. At the start of 2022, Bam Nuttall had £147m cash in the bank and an order book worth nearly £3.4bn.

Bam Construct UK, the building and facilities management business, grew revenue by 16% from £793m in 2020 to £919m in 2021, lifting pre-tax profit from £13.7m to £20.4m. It had £83.8m cash at year-end and £1.8bn -worth of orders

John Wilkinson, chief operating office of Bam UK & Ireland, said: “2021 was the first year of Royal Bam Group’s three-year strategic plan to create a more predictable, profitable and sustainable company, and to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

“Bam in the UK had a positive year in both construction and civil engineering. We improved our financial performance, grew our order book and have provided an excellent platform for future growth in our structure and operations. We achieved this despite the well-known international economic challenges.”

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