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BAM launches EV Charging solutions for businesses

BAM Charging Solutions launches today! It delivers an end-to-end EV charging infrastructure solution for businesses, which support our clients on their road to zero emissions.

BAM Charging Solutions work with developers, local authorities, and organisations to design & install EV charging solutions on single and multiple sites across the UK and Ireland. This includes construction, retail, commercial, leisure, schools & colleges, transport hubs, hotels and sporting venues. Our relationship with industry leading brands ensures the latest technology is available to our clients. We offer AC and DC charging solutions for Electric Vehicles, plant and equipment from 3 to 350kW, as well as helping you to address electricity supply capacity issues. We can even provide an ultimately flexible charge point management platform, designed to help you maximise the value of your chargers. Developed in partnership with drivers, charge point operators, local authorities, installers and industry experts, our EV charging platform is customer focused and independent of any charger manufacturer.

Jason Reed, Director of BAM Site Solutions comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer our clients an independent EV solutions, which combines our decade long track record of delivering similar schemes in the Netherlands and the engineering excellence, you expect from BAM."

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