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BAM Construct UK release suicide awareness video

A powerful new video that aims to raise awareness around the issue of suicide among construction workers, produced with the support of BAM Construct UK, has been released.

The video, which is just over five minutes in length, urges construction workers not to ignore colleagues who they think may be experiencing mental ill-health, but to talk to them and listen.

The film, made by AKT Productions and Ambanja Films, was prompted by figures showing that the risk of suicide among low-skilled male labourers, particularly those working in construction, is three times higher than the male national average.

It was filmed with the help of BAM Construct UK, which allowed one of its sites to be used for shooting, but will be made available from Thursday this week (8 September) for the wider construction industry to share as a catalyst for conversations about mental health.

Marc Bolton, managing director of AKT Productions said: “AKT Productions Ltd, BAM Construct UK and Ambanja Films very much hope that over the months and years to come, On the Edge will stimulate discussions, offer hope and ultimately change some minds.”

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