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Balfour Beatty features in New Civil Engineer discussing the restoration of Nuneham Viaduct

Balfour Beatty has today featured in New Civil Engineer alongside Network Rail and key supply chain partner, Maby Hire, highlighting the pivotal role the company played in the reinstatement of the Nuneham Viaduct in Oxfordshire.

The Nuneham Viaduct is a vital railway bridge crossing the River Thames in Oxfordshire, which carries freight trains and hundreds of passengers daily. Issues with the bridge’s stability were first identified in 2018 but had worsened dramatically in early 2023, requiring its closure in April 2023.

A unique collaboration between Network Rail and Balfour Beatty saw Nuneham Viaduct restored in record time with the project completed in less than 10 weeks. Stuart Calvert, Network Rail Capital Delivery Director, emphasized that similar projects would typically span over two years.

In the article, Nicholas Watson, Balfour Beatty’s Senior Project Manager, explores the works that were carried out, including removing a track and ballast from the viaduct.

Speaking about the final steps of the project including works to form the new southern abutment, Watson said: “All this had to be undertaken avoiding any disturbance to critical cables that couldn’t be disconnected as they provide power to a nearby RAF airfield.

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