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Axe wielding member of public attacks roadworkers.

Shocking footage of Roadworker abuse appears online.

Frightening footage has emerged of a traffic management crew being threatened by a male member of the public with an axe.

Believed to have taken place on the A36 between Beckington and Rode in Somerset the shocking video shows two traffic management operatives repeatedly threatened by the individual brandishing a dangerous weapon.

Speaking about the incident Kevin Robinson, CEO of Safer Highways and founder of Stamp it Out expressed utter disgust for the behaviour, he said,

"Words cannot express the disgust I feel at seeing these videos becoming an almost daily occurrence on social media.

"It is truly frightening to see the inherent risk which our operatives work under day after day and something which must become socially unacceptable.

The video supports the shocking figures reported by Balfour Beatty Living Places on the Southampton City Council contract where, since the deployment of a new Notify app to capture abuse and incursions there have been on average every 1.3 days in the six weeks since its launch.

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