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Avoiding incursion risks for roadworkers on site

With potentially dangerous plant machinery and limited space, the very nature of the job, even in the most prepared and controlled environments, comes with risk.

One of the growing risks being faced in these environments is not one that’s in the control of anyone on the site itself.

The potential for vehicle incursions, where a car or truck intentionally, or unintentionally enters a work site, is a real threat that can cause serious and sometimes fatal harm to those working within a closed road work site.

This topic has become an increased focus for contractors operating on our highways in the past few months, and it is clear that the danger of vehicle incursions into work sites cannot be overstated. James Haluch, Managing Director, GB Surfacing Solutions at Breedon Group plc, shared on LinkedIn last month that there were 112 reported incursions into road works in January 2023 on the Strategic Road Network alone – which is only 2% of all roads in England.

Of these, 57 incursions were in the highest risk category where a driver deliberately ignored signage and barriers and drove into the closed carriageway, sometimes at exceptionally high speed.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help prevent vehicle incursions and improve overall safety in these environments for the workforce performing the essential work of maintaining our roads. The our RB50 product is a moveable modular vehicle barrier that provides temporary protection against both hostile and non-hostile vehicles. This innovative solution can be installed by just one person in under 5 minutes, making it an ideal option for worksites that require protection that is quick and easy to assemble.

One of the key benefits of the RB50 is its mobility. The barrier can be easily moved to different locations as needed, providing maximum flexibility for workers and site managers, supporting access if an approved vehicle is due to enter the site. The barrier is also safe to leave unattended, as it cannot be disassembled without a specific tool, ensuring that it remains in place and effective at all times.

The RB50 is designed to withstand even the toughest of impacts. It is made from a durable and robust material that can absorb high levels of energy, effectively stopping vehicles in their tracks.

Currently used to protect event locations, the RB50 is increasingly being seen as an excellent solution for deterring and preventing vehicle incursions into highway work sites. Its mobility, durability, and visibility make it an effective option for protecting workers and visitors from harm, while its ease of use and installation make it a practical choice for any worksite.

Highway Care Commercial Director, Ben Duncker, commented:

“The figures around vehicle incursions are as alarming as they are unacceptable. Far too many of our workforces, and I say our as an industry collective, are too vulnerable, all too often. Whilst the nature of the sector holds some risk, and we, as many others, take every possible action to reduce safety risks on site by way of correct staffing, training, PPE, processes and more, when it comes down to the things we can’t control as closely, such as road users, incursions are a major threat to our people. The RB50 is being utilised as a key defence to keeping workforces safe.”

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