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Aston Martin pledges to build electric cars in the UK from 2025

Aston Martin will launch a new pure-electric sports car and SUV within the next four years, both of which will be built in Britain

Aston Martin has promised to build all of its upcoming electric vehicles in the UK, rather than have them assembled in Germany by its business partner, Mercedes.

Aston Martin’s newly appointed chairman, Lawrence Stroll, told the Financial Times that his company would soon build a battery-powered sports car at its facility in Gaydon and an all-electric SUV at its Welsh plant in St Athan, which is where the DBX is currently built.

The first electric vehicle from Aston Martin will be revealed in 2025, a timeline which Stroll thinks will help the firm steal a march over its rivals, Ferrari and McLaren.

Ferrari has only committed to making electric vehicles from 2030, while McLaren is still focussed on hybrid technology. He added: “We are way ahead of our rivals, and all because of our partnership with Mercedes.”

Mercedes currently owns 20 per cent of Aston Martin and provides its V8 powertrains as a starting point for some of the British brand’s vehicles, including the DBX. Stroll remains hopeful that this collaboration will also soon extend to Aston Martin’s new electric vehicles, with Mercedes providing access to its battery packs.

Aston Martin has already revealed that a plug-in hybrid version of the DBX will be on sale in 2023, powered by Mercedes’s technology. The upcoming car forms part of the brand’s pledge to electrify 90 percent of its line-up by 2030, with greener replacements for the DB11, Vantage and DBS planned for the future.

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