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Asset management software from TRL hailed by National Highways for significant performance improvement

A new software platform used to manage assets on the road network has been hailed by National Highways as a game changer in the way it delivers its Digital Roads Strategy.

The P-AMS system used by National Highways is a special version of off-the-shelf asset management software produced by TRL called iROADS, which is a sophisticated digital asset management and decision making tool for all infrastructure assets, delivering a single, extensible software platform for asset owners and operators.

The solution was demonstrated in a special webinar featuring experts from TRL software along with Sarah Churchman, who is Principal Adviser – Asset Management Systems at National Highways and led the P-AMS project for National Highways.

P-AMS forms part of National Highway’s Asset Management Transformation plan and supports delivery of its Digital Roads Strategy designed to establish more efficient ways of working through improved digital integration.

Effective Asset Management is at the heart of everything National Highways does,” Mrs Churchman explained.  “Asset data enables national highways to make informed decisions about the way the network is operated and maintained to ensure our customers are safe.”

In the webinar, iROADS Product Owner at TRL John Proust demonstrated the software, showing its suite of software “toolkits” (Pavement, Lifecycle, Asset, Risk and Operation & Maintenance) with the Asset Register at its heart. He explained how the Asset Register provides the central data repository for all asset inventory and condition data held against a defined network. The system is completed with the addition of iROADS Mobile App, on-site software providing a flexible solution for both in and out of the office.

TRL Software’s Head of Product Management and Partnerships, Subu Kamal told the webinar the solution was designed with three basic needs in mind: “Starting with what and where are my assets, How are my assets performing… and how do I optimise the outcomes for my assets based on the resources and the capacity that I have?”

The solution, added Sarah Churchman, has made a real difference.  “I would say our biggest technical achievement is the increased performance by 45%,” she said.  “This was delivered by the modern technology from iROADS. Self-Service was one of our key success criteria factors, which increased the user base from 40 to over 350 by providing easier accessibility to the information.”

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