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Articulated tandem roller BW 174 AP HYBRID: Powerful. Economical. Gentle.

Drive the future today – the first three-in-one hybrid

With the new BW 174 AP hybrid, BOMAG has squared the circle of efficiency and environmental friendliness. This innovative tandem roller combines an innovative hydraulic accumulator with the diesel engine and ASPHALT MANAGER to create a highly efficient drive unit. This has a positive effect on both operating costs and the environment. The hydraulic accumulator covers temporary load cycles, e.g. like those that occur when vibration is switched on. This allows a smaller engine to be used and operated in its most effective range.

  • Unique drive technology thanks to the combined hybrid and diesel engine

  • Excellent cost-effectiveness

  • Exemplary environmental friendliness

  • Intelligent compaction with ASPHALT MANAGER

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