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APC invites British Automotive Technology Businesses to apply for Funding

UK registered businesses can apply for match-funding for late-stage, collaborative research and development of automotive technology and processes. Eligible projects will support the UK’s transition towards zero–emission vehicles by growing supply chain capability and automotive product manufacturing.

The aim of this competition is to support collaborative research and development projects that design, develop, and manufacture technology. These proposals will work towards delivering zero-emission on-vehicle technologies for on or off-road vehicles, including two-wheelers.

Project criteria

In this competition, Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will work with the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC) to invest up to £25 million in innovation projects.

The project must:

  • Contribute to the UK’s strategic aims and direction of travel towards a zero-emission transport vision, such as the Automotive Council’s Roadmaps

  • Support the UK’s vision and underpin core capabilities by securing long-term R&D investment

  • Create or safeguard high-value jobs when undertaking the project, and as a result of any post-project R&D and manufacturing activities

  • Achieve, through the associated supply chain, the design, build, test, and manufacture of zero-emission vehicles

  • Support the UK’s transition to zero-emission vehicles and a pathway to a net-zero automotive industry

Projects must fulfil these criteria to ensure the UK meets the future demand of vehicle makers and users. The outcomes will strengthen the UK’s global impact and anchor added value across the whole supply chain.

Individual projects can claim a grant between £2.5 million and £20 million (any award is subject to Ministerial and His Majesty’s Treasury approval). Applicants must be working with a consortium of UK-registered organisations, including at least one SME with a clear route to market at the end of the project for your product.


Projects must advance technologies in one or more of the following areas:

  • Energy storage, batteries, their components, management and integration systems

  • Fuel cell and associated balance of plant

  • Electric machines

  • Power electronics

  • Fossil-fuel-free (at the point of use) internal combustion (in the case of on-road solutions, we will support project proposals which aim to achieve zero harmful tailpipe emissions)

  • Hydrogen storage and management systems

  • Design for circular economy, including the disassembly, recovery, and reuse of materials used in the project technologies

  • Digitalisation for vehicle development and design

In this funding round, a new increased focus on digitalisation is included in the competition scope. We are at the start of an industry-wide digital transformation journey, and APC’s goal is to position the UK as a recognised global leader in this arena.

Find out if your digital project or content is eligible for funding.

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