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Anti-oil mob block Westminster roads in latest traffic-slowing stunt after week of chaos

Just Stop Oil activists have blocked a number of roads across Westminster on Saturday in the latest traffic-slowing stunt after a week of causing chaos.

The anti-oil mob held up motorists outside Parliament Square this afternoon but were quickly cleared by police after imposing conditions under the Public Order Act.

Metropolitan Police arrived on the scene at 1:28pm in the afternoon and were able to clear the road by 1:42pm, allowing traffic to move freely.

Pictures showed that protestors have now made their way to the Just Stop Oil exhibition in Piccadilly Circus while being accompanied by officers.

It comes after they blocked the England cricket team's bus in Kensington Gore, south London yesterday as part of a wave of protests in the capital this week.

Elsewhere, on Friday one furious workman confronted protestors on Marylebone Road in the centre of London.

Responding to a protester who said 'people can't pay their bills' amid the cost of living crisis, the man shouted 'people can pay their bills if they can get to work!'.

He then told one of them to 'run yourself over' as they continued to walk slowly down the road.

Pictures also showed protesters on the road speaking to an ambulance driver, as other members of the group blocked traffic on the Finchley Road in north-west London.

The group also held up traffic in Wandsworth, Chelsea Bridge, Southwark, Waterloo and Kensington yesterday.

They began their protest at 8am on Friday, with 50 demonstrators holding up traffic by slowly marching on roads around Hyde Park and Battersea Park.

Around 30 minutes later, four protesters walked in front of the England cricket team coach as it headed to Lord's for the team's test match against Ireland.

The group insisted they had not deliberately delayed the bus, which was held up for 15 minutes but still arrived at Lord's in time for the start of play at 11am.

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