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Amey welcomes new measures to accelerate energy security and achieve net zero commitments

Earlier today, the government announced a series of measures aimed at accelerating energy security across the UK, alongside plans to ensure the transition achieves our net zero commitments.

The Powering Up Britain report includes a number of elements relevant to Amey and the sectors we operate in, including:

  • Targeted investment in public infrastructure such as schools and hospitals - supported by the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

  • Speeding up the planning process to attract investment - ensuring faster, fairer and more effective planning regimes.

  • Decarbonising transport – with a focus on electric vehicle uptake and infrastructure.

  • A clear direction to invest in the infrastructure needed to maximise both hydrogen and solar energy, as well as clean heat networks.

  • A focus on green skills – particularly across construction, transport, green energy and industry sectors.

Further to the announcements today, our CEO, Andy Milner, said:

“Amey’s capabilities from design to delivery across transport and the built environment makes us well placed to speed up the transition to net zero, and we welcome the government’s renewed focus on creating the policy and regulatory landscape required to drive competition and unlock the investment required to ensure energy security while achieving net zero commitments.

The development of innovative and resilient infrastructure solutions is critical for the UK, and we are pleased that the government has listened to the National Infrastructure Commission who called for more targeted initiatives to deliver the infrastructure needed to reach the government’s long-term net zero and economic goals.

Following public policy interventions in the EU and US, it was crucial for the government to act quickly to ensure the UK’s competitiveness in a global market, and the decisions today clearly set the foundations for Amey and wider industry to deliver on the UK’s energy transition. It is now key that our industry works collaboratively with government to deliver new green jobs and skills to create a positive impact in the communities we serve. Amey stands ready to do just that and will continue to play a leading role in supporting our clients in their transition to net zero, while providing the services and infrastructure that millions across the UK rely on every day.”

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