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Amey leads the field with new flexible working benefits for frontline teams

Amey continues to lead the way in creating flexible working environments in the infrastructure and engineering services sector with the launch of the Personal Day, a new initiative specifically aimed at supporting frontline employees.

Personal Days give Amey’s frontline team members paid time out to deal with a range of personal commitments, from family matters to supporting personal welfare. Every frontline employee will have an eight-hour allocation of time each year to use for important non-work priorities. It can be taken as a whole day or in smaller allocations, whatever suits the individual.

While hybrid and flexible working patterns are now standard for Amey’s office-based teams, these options are not always possible for frontline teams. The Personal Day offers an element of flexibility to those on site and in frontline roles.

A further demonstration of Amey’s commitment to being a sector-leading, inclusive and people-focussed employer, Personal Days comes on top of flexibility around shift times. Here, Amey offers frontline workers, where possible, early and late options to cater for a diverse range of needs and responsibilities.

Amey is committed to creating a working environment where each and every team member has the freedom to perform. It gives employees real choices about when and where they work.

In creating a truly flexible working environment Amey is able to attract and develop a diverse talent pool that drives innovation and delivers the very best for customers.

Amanda Fisher, CEO at Amey, said:

“Amey is committed to creating working environments where each and every member of our team can thrive. Choice is fundamental to creating inspired, motivated and innovative teams. It works for our people and it works for our business, allowing us to draw on a truly diverse pool of talent.

“Too often this choice is the preserve of office-based employees. At Amey it extends right across our business to our frontline teams delivering vital services to communities nationwide.”

Key facts about Amey

Amey is a leading infrastructure services and engineering company.

We are at the heart of modern Britain, helping the economy to grow by designing, maintaining and transforming the nation’s strategic assets.

Our 14,000 people are behind the critical services the country relies on every day and we each take personal pride in our public service.

Our unique engineering and operations experience, together with data driven insight from our consulting business, delivers better results for our clients.

We are trusted partners of Government – both national and local – managing assets and complex projects that are vital to the sustainable growth of the country.

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