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Amey commits to second Women in Defence mentoring programme

Amey is delighted to have committed to a second Women in Defence UK mentoring programme, specifically designed to improve gender balance, diversity and inclusion across UK Defence organisations.

In line with our commitment to create a better working environment for all, the mentoring programme, delivered by mentoring experts, Moving Ahead, will see five of Amey’s high performing women partnered with mentors (male or female) from other organisations in the same sector. Similarly, five of our employees have been selected to mentor women from other Defence businesses.  

What makes this programme unique is that the public sector mentors the private sector and vice versa, meaning that the Armed Forces and Civil Service at all levels in both the private and public sector, can gain invaluable external feedback and perspectives from people with different experiences and backgrounds but with in-depth knowledge of the sector. 

Feedback following last year’s mentoring programme was excellent, with Amey’s participants agreeing that the whole experience was really rewarding and insightful. Our mentees have become more empowered to make decisions and their communication and personal skills have improved. Similarly, our mentors were able to build rewarding relationships with their mentees which in turn, allowed them to reflect on their experiences and they found it beneficial.

Amey is proud of its long association with the Defence community, and we’re delighted to be provided with the opportunity to sponsor this year’s prestigious Women in Defence UK awards dinner, which aims to recognise the achievements of individuals, particularly women, in the Defence sector.

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