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Aggregate Industries become the 58th new member of Safer Highways in 2021

Safer Highways announce Aggregate Industries as the 58th new member of 2021.

Safer Highways are delighted to announce Aggregate Industries as the 58th new member of the organisation in just the last 12 months.

In a period of unprecedented growth for the organisation, AI, join what is fast becoming a hugely powerful voice around heath, safety and well-being across our sector.

Since our formation Safer Highways mantra has been to become a beacon of best practice for the good management of all health, safety and wellbeing issues, and that other sectors look to us as leaders in this field.

We want to drive forward and constantly innovate, never standing still and ensure we always strive to be seen as pioneers in our sector.

We want to look back in years to come and be proud to see that we have made a lasting difference for everyone who works in our industry at every level.

Speaking about Aggregate Industries decision to join Safer Highways, Vice Chair of the Organisation, Joe Docherty said,

"An organisation of the stature of Aggregate Industries deciding to become a part of Safer Highways is testament to where we, as a group, have come over the last five years.

"We now enjoy a position as a truly representative voice within the industry and as such each and every individual who decides to become a part of this only strengthens it.

"From Mental Health, to Roadworker Abuse, Safer Highways embody truly making a difference to the good people we put to work day on day and as such having industry powerhouses such as Aggregate Industries joining the collective will only make us stronger."

The challenges brought on by the global pandemic over the last 20 months or so has led to significant change across all sectors. To keep our frontline services, business and industry moving on our roads, as sector, we have all had to come together to effect change and adapt how we do everyday things.

Paddy Murphy, Managing Director, Aggregate Industries - Contracting said, “Community spirit in highways has never been greater. Working with our peers across National Highways delivery communities, private clients and Local Authorities, we have hopefully weathered the worst of the pandemic.

We have all been forced to adapt and change the way we work. We have undergone an incredible learning journey however by collaborating and sharing our experiences, we have been able to continue to operate successfully and safely during very difficult times.

The experience has brought teams together to deliver a shared safety-first goal. It has really stimulated a strong spirit of collaboration across our industry so I think it is really important that we continue to capitalise on this in order to move forward and drive growth safely. Joining Safer Highways is an opportunity for us to integrate with an even wider learning community so that we can continue to mature in our approach to safety, share innovation and learn from best practice in our industry.”

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