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Additional £4m investment for Nottinghamshire roads confirmed by council with more to come

A major new investment into highways in the form of an additional £4m increase in roads funding – over and above the normal budget for 2024-25 – has been confirmed by Nottinghamshire Council.

The boost in funding will be used for several major resurfacing projects to A and B roads across the county running alongside the Conservative-controlled council’s highways capital programme.

Confirming the funding at the budget meeting on Thursday, Coun Ben Bradley MP (Con), council leader, said: “Highways is an area that we know needs a lot of work, we know that it’s a massive priority for our residents and today we’re announcing major additional investment.”

“The additional £4m uplift will allow us to deliver resurfacing and improvements over and above our normal capital programme, and later this spring, a further £1.5bn will come forward under the new combined authority for our transport infrastructure."

A list of some of the projects that will benefit from the additional investment was read out by the Coun Neil Clarke (Con), cabinet member for transport and highways

These include the A60 in Mansfield, south of West Nottinghamshire College, Welham Road in Retford and the Diamond Avenue and Sutton Road in Kirkby.

Coun Clarke explained they will be focusing on busy main roads which are among the most in need of repair according to Via’s data.

Coun Clarke said: “Both the leader and I regularly lobby and urge Government to support us with additional funding, these successful discussions have enabled us to invest an extra £4m in our roads.”

“I must make it clear, this in no way detracts from the schedule of capital repair that takes place every year.

"This is in addition to the extensive scheduled programme which will be announced in the next few weeks”.

An amendment, put forward by the opposition Independent Alliance proposing to raise an extra £20m for roads repairs by selling off land at Toton Station that was proposed for the now-scrapped HS2 northern leg project, was defeated.

Coun Bradley said: “We have a plan, and it is much more credible than what’s in the amendment from the opposition.

"Their only aim is to try and mislead the public.

"We don’t have to choose between the huge opportunities for economic development at Toton and repairing out highways – we can do both.”

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