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ACO Launches Streamlined Drainage Specification E-commerce Platform

ACO's Building Drainage division has unveiled its new e-commerce site aimed at streamlining the selection and specification process for building drainage installations, while also making it easier for specifiers and contractors to select and buy products.

The new platform is unique to ACO Building Drainage for its stainless-steel drainage and grease management solutions in buildings. The digital solution covers six product categories and a broad portfolio of applications to make finding the drainage solution that fits the project a smoother and more cost-effective process. This includes stainless steel gullies, total flow gullies, rainwater outlets, shower drains, grease traps and separators, as well as access covers.

Featuring an innovative specification tool, the web shop helps users identify the solution that best fits their needs by tapping into the expertise of ACO’s drainage engineers. It does this by asking a small number of questions about the project at hand, and then offering a recommendation from ACO’s technical team of suitable products that fulfil the project requirements.

Nick Cairns, Marketing Manager at ACO, said: “We know that for many building product specifiers and contractors, the time it takes them to compare and find the right solution, as well as locate where to buy products, can be extensive. That’s why we’ve invested into our new e-commerce site.

“The selector tool is designed from the ground up to make the process of specifying and selecting drainage products as easy as possible, removing the tedious hassle of comparing multiple products manually. Instead, simply answer a handful of questions and the solution that’s right for you will appear on screen. Once a customer chooses a product, the website makes it straightforward to obtain a merchant’s quote or purchase direct from ACO.”

Products offered by the selector tool cover single items and entire kits, depending on the answers provided. If looking for grease traps and separators, for example, the selector tool will ask whether it is to be situated inside or outside of a kitchen, then the number of meals expected to be served and the appliances used. Based on this information, the selector tool will display the recommended solution for the project.

In all cases, customers will be able to view the product and download the associated data sheets. While customers can buy the product direct from ACO, they are also able to obtain a quote and purchase the product through a merchant.

For more about ACO Building Drainage and to try ACO’s selector tool, visit

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