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ACO Launches BridgeDeck Range Aimed at Supporting Highways Engineers with Expansion Joint Solutions

With the RAC Foundation classifying over 3,000 UK bridges as substandard, it is vital that highways and civil engineers can upgrade existing structures and build better bridges in future. To support the sector, ACO has launched an entirely new bridge and highway complete drainage solution.

The BridgeDeck range is comprised of monolithic cast-iron products which do not require additional components or materials for installations to meet a D400 load classification. With simple and cost-effective Type I installation, BridgeDeck offers effective and comprehensive drainage without being dependent on surrounding material.

Tried and tested to be entirely leakproof, ACO’s solutions provide a completely watertight method for surface water passing over expensive bridge expansion joints. This means that the crucial expansion joint mechanism is less at risk to water damage as it is fully protected from water ingress.

Luke Browning, Senior Design Engineer at ACO Water Management, said: “Surface water on bridges is a serious hazard that needs proper consideration in all bridging structure developments. With BridgeDeck, these projects can have a complete solution delivered quickly from sites in the UK and installed easily with no need for specific installation conditions.”

Designed for combined kerb drainage on bridges, viaducts and flyovers, the BridgeDeck range is shallow and wide, providing high capacity for surface water runoff. Available in four widths for greater coverage, the solution is also designed to work with ACO’s KerbDrain range to create a seamless transition from bridges to highways.

ACO’s BridgeDeck range includes cast iron splay channels and half battered (HB) channels offering between 75mm and 125mm kerb upstand installations. The cast-iron kerb upstands that are part of the BridgeDeck range take up less space, meaning easier storage, and use fewer part numbers, helping to avoid confusion.

Another benefit of BridgeDeck is the ability to combine its application with ACO’s Quad Hydraulic software. This allows for better optimisation of the channel run so that smaller units may be used within the scheme, reducing costs for projects that require units of a single size.

Rather than needing to order units to be sent months in advance and wait for them to be manufactured, ACO has invested in its supply chain to manufacture the product and hold as stock at its Shefford facility. This makes the ACO BridgeDeck readily available for shipping with short lead times for delivery, helping contractors avoid delays.

Luke continued: “The D400 load rating means that the entire range is ideal for high-traffic areas like bridges and flyovers as each part can easily withstand the impact of cars, vans and HGVs. This translates to a reduced need for additional maintenance and a higher standard of safety.”

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