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Aco adds capacity to road drainage systems

Aco’s combined kerb and drainage system KerbDrain has long played an important role in road safety. Its versatility has ensured it can be used on motorways, trunk roads, urban infrastructure, and sustainable drainage system applications. One of its defining features is its ability to remove problems associated with incorrectly sited point gullies, by ensuring all surface water runoff is safely removed along the entire length of the installation.

Avoiding failures in water management on highways is crucial, given the intrinsic link with road safety, which makes accurate specification a must. This includes hydraulic capacity to ensure the system can mitigate heavy rainfall, but it also needs to account for load class.

According to Aco product manager Steve Hardy, new models in the range ensure comprehensive options for those tasked with highway surface water management.

Expanding the KerbDrain range

The onus on choosing the right solution for the specific application demonstrates why it is important to have a range that caters to every requirement.

The introduction of Aco KerbDrain E and E+ means that the system can now be used across virtually all highway applications. The E model is for use in medium catchment areas such as roundabouts and highway intersections. The E+, meanwhile, is positioned in higher catchment areas where a higher capacity channel is required, such as at distribution centres or on A-roads and motorways.

New Aco KerbDrain E/E+ half metre channels

The new models are the only one-piece E 600 combined kerb drainage products on the market, as well as being the highest capacity one piece units available.

KerbDrain E and E+ are CE and UKCA marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations and have been carefully designed to maximise strength while minimising material use.

This is crucial, given that sustainability is an important factor in construction. Each channel is manufactured from Vienite, a polymeric based recycled material that contains post-consumer waste previously destined for landfill in the UK. KerbDrain can also be recycled, further extending its end-of-life use. It is a highly durable material that encompasses high-performance flexural and compressive strength characteristics, to ensure Aco KerbDrain meets all the requirements of BS EN 1433:2002 and the BSI Kitemark.

Straightforward integration

The one-piece construction of Aco KerbDrain and the lightweight properties of Vienite ensure the system is quick and easy to install, even when a fully watertight installation is required. The KerbDrain E and E+ can be combined seamlessly with the existing KerbDrain D 400 range, through the use of transition kerbs and gully units.

Ongoing innovation

Aco’s KerbDrain has become synonymous with highways surface water management, owing to its performance and versatility. The addition of Aco’s new ranges ensures that KerbDrain can now be used in E 600 applications, offering engineers a full package of combined kerb drainage systems for highways projects. Aco’s E Class channels are available to order from 2022.

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