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A Road Map to Net Zero Highways with Steve Elderkin

“There’s no way the UK can meet its climate objectives without a rapid reduction in transport emissions.” Steve Elderkin, National Highways

Want to hear more about our road map to net zero? Then don’t miss this latest podcast from Engineering Matters, featuring Steve Elderkin, Director of Environmental Sustainability at National Highways and David Symons, Director of Sustainability, WSP in the UK.

The Net Zero Highways plan sets out a comprehensive road map to rapidly decarbonise the strategic road network (SRN). In this episode Steve goes into more details about the plan, the challenge, the ambition, the role of leadership in driving change and the innovative technologies and processes required to deliver this.

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In 2020 National Highways released their 2030/2040/2050 Net Zero plan. The plan laid out three main targets for reaching net zero, first cutting all their direct carbon emissions which includes lighting the network and all forms of corporate office emissions by 2030. Second is cutting all emissions from the network’s construction and maintenance by 2040, and last is their goal of reducing all road user emissions by 2050.

National Highways bought in WSP to consult on the writing of the plan and now on how to implement it. Much of the net zero plan requires predicting what certain technologies will look like 30 years in the future, David Symons, WSP’s head of Future Ready programme explains how organisations can plan flexibility and adaptability into their project plans.

Reducing all construction maintenance and road user emissions to net zero requires buy in from many different stakeholders across industries. Steve Elderkin, Director of Environmental Sustainability at National Highways, the man in charge of implementing the net zero plan, explains how National Highways can use its size and influence to move the market towards a more carbon friendly future.


Steve Elderkin, Director of Environmental Sustainability, National Highways

David Symons, UK Director of Sustainability, WSP


For more information on the Net Zero plan, click here

For National Grid’s report on supporting the growth of electric vehicles, click here


The partner for this episode is WSP. As one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consultancies, WSP brings clarity and vision to complex challenges. Its team of global technical specialists and strategic advisers ensure innovative solutions solve complex problems for clients and the communities it serves, meeting both the needs of today and addressing the challenges of the future.

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