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A mere 10% of combustion engine cars on EU roads set to fall under Euro 7 rules in 2035

Cars with internal combustion engines (ICEs) falling within the scope of the Euro 7 emission standards will make up only 10% of those on EU roads in 2035.

Despite having minimal environmental benefits, the Euro 7 proposal risks placing unnecessary financial pressure on consumers and diverting investment from zero-emission technologies.

The emission rules concern the sale of new ICE cars in the EU from when Euro 7 applies – expected to be around 2026/27.

As a result, cars falling within the scope of Euro 7 will make up only 10% of those on EU roads in 2035. A recent study estimates that this will result in at most a 4% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

Despite minimal environmental benefits, Euro 7 standards would have significant repercussions for consumers and manufacturers’ investments in zero-emission technologies.

For instance, according to some manufacturers’ estimates, the average consumer price of a new car could increase by €2,000, placing additional financial pressures on European consumers already struggling with high energy costs and inflationary pressures.

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