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200 Survey respondents inside 48 hours to the Stamp it Out workforce survey

Phenomenal response shows industry support for abuse campaign

Inside 48 hours the Stamp it Out survey into the effects upon mental health that abuse has upon the workforce has been completed by a staggering 228 frontline operatives.

The survey, which  has been sent to over 10,000 people working in the highways sector is designed to understand the effects upon the mental health of operatives as a result of abuse and the negative impact this could potentially have upon the recruitment and retention of employees.

The move, which follows on from the highly successful 'Respect our Workforce Week' which was the public launchpad of the campaign, is supported by many of the leading tier one contractors as well as significant client organisations from across not just the highways sector but also the broader transportation industry, as Louise Cope, Deputy Chair of the programme explains,

"In our inaugural Respect our Workforce week we raised public awareness significanly with national media coverage around the issue of abuse of those in public facing roles, specifically in our own sector.

"But the vision of Stamp it Out was never just to do this, but instead to understand the challenges which our client organisations face in the recruitment and retention of the workforce due to abuse.

"The aim of this survey is to take the first steps on that journey and to provide our new government with practical solutions to prevent anti-social bahaviours not only towards our own workforce but also all of those in public facing roles."

The survey will form the basis of an output report delivered by programme director Kevin Robinson at this year's Stamp it Out summit with the long term vision extending much further than this and provide prctical solutions for those with legistlative powers to make the issue a thing of the past and transform our industry into a career of choice.

Oragnisations wishing to take part can click on the link below with the vision that they disseminate the survey to their frontline operatives.

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