BSIF Top to Toe Protection Hub sponsored by Centurion, Leo Workwear, Tilsatec and Rockfall
Thursday 24th September


Centurion Safety

At Centurion we believe in going further to protect the men and women who shape

our world.

Giving workers the confidence to think clearly for over a hundred years – safeguarding the judgement and creativity that shape our world. Our integrated systems combine total head protection with total ease – so wearers can focus on being the best they can be.

We underpin all that we do with our unrivalled commitment to education and training

– building the wearer knowledge and behaviours that, we believe, are central to safe

working environments.

Leo Workwear

Leo Workwear are the high visibility clothing specialists. With almost 40 years’ experience of keeping workers protected through the design and manufacture of high-quality workwear, Leo now offer one of the most comprehensive and innovative high visibility clothing ranges available in today’s European PPE market. 

Leo are committed to using quality fabrics, reflective tapes and components to ensure no corners are cut when it comes to wearer safety and comfort. 

Leo do more than just sell clothing, we also work hard to ensure every box has been ticked when it comes to conformance, sustainability and ethical practices; backed by our partnerships with many important bodies, such as BSIF, Safer Highways and SEDEX.


For businesses who want expertise they can rely on to keep their people safe, Tilsatec offer high performance hand, arm and body protection. We manufacture our own proprietary cut resistant yarn - the primary source of mechanical protection, on site in the UK. This means we can deliver maximum performance in every fibre of what we do. Because when our gloves perform at their best, your people can perform at their best.


Rock Fall has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses. They’ve pioneered highly specialist styles that feature advanced specification, such as Internal Metatarsal guards, Extreme Temperature protection and the only Electrical Hazard rated range in Europe designed to provide secondary protection against Electrocution from live electrical circuits. The company is pleased to report is has industry leading R&D underway in areas such as Sustainability, Smart Technology as well as the potential return of domestic manufacturing.


Centurion Safety

Their hosts Matthew Adshead and Chris Tidy will present 2 topics, one centred around respiratory post Covid-19 discussing particle size, transmission and value proposition the other will be around brain injury, the risk including rotational injury and the shape of the new EN397 Industrial standard that is coming soon.

Leo Workwear

Webinar 1

Show that you care! Be a progressive, inclusive employer through your PPE choices. 

All employers would agree that, regardless of gender, religion shape or size, their whole workforce deserves the same level of protection. It’s possible(!) and Leo Workwear will show you how to walk the walk you talk. 


Webinar 2 

Protect your people, protect the planet

If you haven’t embraced sustainability, accountability and social responsibility in your clothing choices, you haven’t embraced the future of PPE.

Leo debunk the excuses used by supply chains, purchasing teams and specifiers who are yet to embrace environmentally friendly, socially responsible workwear.



Lynne Pate will be discussing how the ‘new normal’ requires a two-fold risk assessment; occupational hazards and also covid-secure PPE requirements.

Looking beyond the current climate, Lynne will take you on a journey to see how cut resistant gloves may be designed in the future, using space age materials in ways you’ve never seen before. With a UKAS accredited testing laboratory Tilsatec are pushing the boundaries of current manufacturing techniques and Lynne will be lifting the lid on how we deliver high level hand protection that’s comfortable, wearable and durable. 


SMART Safety Footwear delivering world leading connected technology 

In an ever-increasing connected world with technology at the core, the emerging options for SMART safety footwear are incredibly exciting. The real-world options and benefits available in safety footwear today as used by the US Military are explored in this UK first webinar. This is long lasting PPE, that the wearer won’t ever be tempted to remove during the day.