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There are many thousands at work every day out on our public highways providing a vital service allow us as public road users to move around freely and safely.  Yet we continue to see increasing numbers of threats both verbally and physically against those that work on our highways across the United Kingdom.


Tragically 5 people die every day on our roads as a result of vehicle crashes, so it remains one of the most dangerous environments to work in across our country.  Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, these are the real people that work on our streets and road networks every day and should not be treated in any other way than respect for the dangerous work they undertake.


This abuse needs to end and Safer Highways is calling on you to please join with us to support this campaign.  Our aim is to have the Government recognise this as unacceptable and make it a criminal act to abuse Road Workers in their place of employment. 

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Make it a specific criminal offence to assault a highway worker

Change the law to ensure highways workers are afforded the same level of protection against abuse as emergency workers

Rates of abuse from members of the public towards highways workers are alarmingly high. The subject is largely ignored and only by the stiffening of penalties can we really effect positive change

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