22nd October 2020

9:30am - 3:00pm

Birmingham Library

Local, Regional, National Lessons learnt in how to better manage our assets by sharing knowledge and best practice in times of a crisis.


The first in our series of SH Industry Briefings we consider the lessons learnt in how to better manage our assets by sharing knowledge and best practice in challenging times, how the highways industry has shown effective leadership over the recent COVID-19 pandemic and debate and discuss how we can show greater efficiency in the management of our national, regional and national networks in times of crisis concluding with looking at how we move forward by sharing knowledge and best practice during and after times of a global pandemic. 


Session 1 includes:

  • The financial impact of COVID-19 on the highways sector and supply chain

  • Lesson learnt in the planning, management and delivery of operation, staff and business resilience in times of a national pandemic

  • Case studies, assessment, opinion-shared learning from managing the sector during a crisis

  • Promoting and delivering efficiencies through better asset management in times of adversity

  • The importance of the health, safety and wellbeing of operatives during a crisis

  • Panel debate: Leadership-how to show leadership and collaboration in challenging times



Session 2 includes:

  • Better management of assets and live sites during challenging times

  • The shape of future funding after a pandemic

  • The environmental benefits from a reduction in traffic and freight following a country lockdown

  • How joined up working can better support local, national and regional road networks

  • Panel debate:Moving on from COVID-19-what the highways sector will look like now and what we need to do to ensure business as usual.

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