Eave is an award-winning UK-based health-tech startup which has developed a complete hearing protection system for industrial workers. 


Eave’s system consists of smart ear defenders, which continuously collect data on environmental noise and the wearer’s exposure to noise, beacons which work with the ear defenders to map worksite noise, and an online platform for viewing the data and gathering insights. Eave’s customers use these insights to protect over-exposed workers, adjust working methods, and remove noise hazards at source. 


Eave is pushing hard to raise standards in the construction sector, where the widespread use of passive hearing protection devices continues to have an unacceptable human cost. Eave customers include the likes of HS2, Galliford Try, Costain, Skanska, Ferrovial, VolkerLaser, LendLease and BAM Nuttall. Eave works with construction businesses to establish mandates for effective hearing protection technology, and is also in the early stages of lobbying the UK Government to make noise-induced hearing loss reportable under RIDDOR legislation.  


Eave was founded by clinical and research audiologist Dr David Greenberg in 2016, with a mission to end the isolation and loneliness caused by hearing loss. A passion for preserving hearing health is at the core of Eave, which is a member of the UK Hearing Conservation Association and the World Hearing Forum, and a supporter of Deafkidz International and the BSA. 

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